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Ingredient spotlight: White Willow Bark

August 17, 2018



Plant based skincare is the backbone of good skincare.




We believe this so much, we use a heck of a lot of herbs and flowers in our products. Take for instance, our White Willow Bark Cream and Cleansing Soap.


Both of these products contain an Extract of Oil we make in house with Organic White Willow Bark.





The Willow Tree (Salix nigra) is native to the eastern US. The bark contains high levels of salicylates and tannins. These compounds have been used traditionally in skin care for their astringency and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It has healing powers of pain reducers and cell renewal. Willow bark Extract natural salicylates will enhance skin cell renewal without irritation. Salicylic Acid is used to renew skin, treat acne and other skin disorders.






Native to North America, northern Asia, and much of Africa, the willow is a low-growing deciduous tree bearing long, green, tapering leaves and catkins in spring. Bark is stripped from young trees in the spring. Native American healers used willow bark long before Columbus or the Vikings landed. The conversion of willow bark to aspirin began in 1828 when German chemist Felix Hoffmann isolated the active ingredient and named it salicin. In 1899, the Bayer company began manufacturing and selling a modified form of the willow bark chemical acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin. This first of the modern miracle medicines has been a mainstay in the treatment of joint pain ever since.




We think White Willow Bark is a staple that is here to stay in revolutionary, plant based skincare!





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