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Easy Rice Mask using Jasmine Rice!

June 11, 2018


(Asian Women picture courtesy of Pixabay)


Used by Asia women for centuries in their skin care rituals.  Rice Flour helps to even out pigmentation, anti-aging wrinkle care as well as helping soothe troubled skin and inflamed acne. An emollient rich skin treatment that helps maintain soft, smooth and supple skin. Giving you  brighter, clearer  toned skin and radiant glow. The Jasmine Rice Flour Mask is made by simply grinding to a powder. Make your own rice flour in a coffee grinder. It will not be smooth as flour, it will be a little gritty, which is good for making an exfollient face mask. After grinding your rice, simply mix equal parts of rice flour and warmed honey in a small bowl and stir until a smooth consistency. If its too thick add a small amount of green tea (great antioxidant) or milk, or plain water to get your desired consistency. Apply to face with fingers or use a soft cosmetic brush. Leave on 15 minutes or so, then massage your face about 30 seconds and rinse with warm water, followed by a cool splash of water.  Absolutely lovely.


If you want a soap that cleanses for a complete regimen, you can get for your body and your face to keep you glowing and to keep up your European routine.


I used the ground up Jasmine Rice Flour in these soaps to make it easy to be able to use. Let me know how you enjoyed the mask, or if you prefer to buy the soap, let me know how you liked it, as well. xoxo Connie

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