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What is My Rebellious Garden?

April 7, 2018



What is My Rebellious Garden?




I grow a lot of herbs and flowers here in the south in Atlanta, Georgia and also have access to some of the finest organic herbs, teas and suppliers who can get me the freshest plants and herbs around!. If I cant grow it or dont have room or its not growing, then I source it from some of these suppliers here. We have some of the best, bustling Farmer's Markets here in Atlanta and they have some of the finest, organic and green herbs and vegetables and flowers around!



They say in Atlanta, we have some of the best growing conditions with the humidity and the summer heat, things have time to mellow out and get lush. Long summer days and sweet tea are some of the reasons why the Southerners enjoy time spent on the front porch.



So enjoy these products made from beautiful, organic flowers & herbs grown around my garden and also procured thoughtfully by harvesting and drying in my Studio!



Luscious Ingredients: Organic Flowers, Edible Flowers, and Green Herbs are mixed into Rich oils such as Sweet Almond oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil & Jojoba oil & Grapeseed Oils. I also use a pure Voda to make extractions & potions and then drain the herbs off of the oils and extractions, and what you have is a pure, raw product that can be infused into the soaps, body butters, scrubs, etc. These are some of the old Celtic Ways I was taught by my mother and by her mother from Ireland.



All of these products were carefully researched and the botanicals were studied. A lot of flowers and herbs are sooooo great for the skin. It was hard to choose one, so My Rebellious Garden is full of a lot of different products that enrich your skincare! My Garden always finds a way into things!



Look for the My Rebellious Garden picture in the listings and also check out the products in WHAT'S NEW. This is for Spring 2018.

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