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Beauty is Everywhere!

April 1, 2018


Beauty is Everywhere: Will you find it in your Day?#goodmorning


#Beauty is everywhere-will you find it? Slow down and look around for a moment. Find a beautiful flower or a bird or look out the window at Nature. God gave us beautiful things on this Earth, but I notice a lot of people are so busy rushing around they do not have time to look at these magnificent things we have here on Earth. Every day I get up and hear on the Television about another shooting or Crazy Politicians. Sadness, everywhere. It got me to stop and think about what I enjoy. Flowers, Candles, Fragrances, a Pretty Soap that I made. Yes, I do get pleasure from looking at my soaps at Red Lips Studio. Sometimes, it is just the simple things. What will you see that will bring a smile to your moment in time? Please comment if you want to: I would love to hear some things that just made you stop and enjoy a small moment in time in your day. If this made you stop and just feel grateful for one second in your day, I will be happy.

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October 23, 2019

October 19, 2018

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