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Who we are, important facts and shipping and returns


Shipping and Returns Policies

Order Processing Times: We strive to process all orders within 3 business days. Wholesale Orders take longer. There are occasions when we need additional time to fulfill orders. These include days following extraordinary sales/specials and after company holidays. If you are in a pinch and need your order quicker, then send us a email to redlipsstudio@mail.com. We will try to accommodate you, but there is no guarantee, and you must select Priority Flat Rate Shipping.

Our promise is to stay "Green", so please expect recycled boxes,mailers & packing material. Please recycle your bottles and jars where there are facilities OR reuse your containers.
Company Closure Days: We are closed most national holidays as well as various company wide in-service days throughout the year
Shipping – Contiguous US: We ship using USPS.
Shipping – Off Shore: We ship to APO, International and Off-Shore States via US Postal Mail. USPS Postal picks up these orders from our facility. International Shipping is calculated pricing. We currently only ship to US addresses and Canada.

Shipping Transit Times: Once your package leaves our facility the shipping carrier  determines the transit time. USPS transit times will vary depending on your location and time of year and extreme weather. You will be given a tracking number on all orders and you can track your shipment here.

Pick-Up Policy: For your safety and our operational efficiency we do not allow visitors and customers to pick up orders.

Order Changes & Cancellations: We understand that life can change quickly and with that your order may require adjustment. It is our pleasure to help you with your order. Orders that have not been processed and sent to shipping may be added to or canceled. Orders can be added to only if they have not been been labeled for shipping. You will need to place a new order. Please call customer service for assistance at 1-470-207-5216

Damaged or Missing Items: We are highly committed to making sure you receive quality products in perfect condition. If your order is damaged in transit we ask that you call us at 1-470-207-5216 so that we can do an investigation and submit a claim to USPS. We will need photos of items, the shipping box and the labels. We are happy to replace your missing or damaged items. If you are missing an item ordered, we apologize and will get these items out to you. You must notify us within 3 days of receiving your order. We will get you the missing items out right away. 

Returns: Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We know sometimes it is necessary to return an item.  Items must be Unopened and Unused. We absolutely cannot accept items that have been opened or used due to hygienic reasons

  • Must notify us within 3 days of receiving the shipment. (we clock this via USPS TRANSIT AND SHIPMENT DELIVERY)
    •  Credit to credit card
    •  Fees such as line jumping, shipping, import/export are non-refundable
    •  100% of the product must be returned.

To Return an Item:Call us so that we may answer any question and know that a return is on its way. Our number is 1-470-207-5216.

Place a copy of your order in the return box. If you do not have a copy, please include a letter stating the item you are returning and why. Include your name, address and phone number so that we may properly process your return.

Ship the return item using the carrier of your choice to our address:

Red Lips Studio
2980 Kings Glen Trail
Decatur, Georgia 30034


Shipping zones Domestic

Shipping on most orders is USPS First Class and Flat Rate Priority. If you have any questions regarding parameters outside of these areas then please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. We are constantly adding to our shipping policies, so do call us if there is a question as to shipment to your area or region.

At this time, our International shipments only reach to Canada, but we will be adding to this parameter as needed.



FAQS/About the owner and our company

Hi, I am Connie, a Southern Lady living in Atlanta, Georgia. I founded my company in 2012. You can call me or Connie or Just call me Red Lips Studio, they are one and the same.  I just love flowers and herbs. I love Gardening and making things.  Its enough to play around with these things but it is also about my work and sharing my passion with you. My Rebellious Garden is what I call my space in the yard, and then I bring it into Red Lips Studio and extract and dry the herbs and flowers to bring to you in my products. Red Lips Studio was founded on the theory of me wearing Red Lipstick every day by a friend. Do I ? yes, almost always and I cook and make in it. I love to share my magic with you in my creativity and play. You can read my blog here and found out where I am selling products. Some products are one of a kind, while others are procured personally by me as I hunt and explore throughout Atlanta in Thrift shops and Antique shops.   My herbs and flowers are organic. While some of them come from my garden, I get others from reliable sources such as my reliable, wholesale Farmer's Market or  Mountain Rose Botanicals  and Starwest Botanicals.   Come join me on my journey! Selling on Ebay and Etsy grew our business substantially over the years. We operate with a small crew of people & make &  ship  everything out of Atlanta, Georgia. We aim to bring fresh skincare to the masses with our philosophy of plant based ingredients and freshness, The Founder, CJ, is pleased to formulate and produce the products with quality ingredients and all of the products you see are handmade in our shop with love and care. We believe in fresh products for your skin. No animal testing for us. Ethical practices and packaging. Join us on our journey! Follow us on our social media accounts & treat yourself kind. Your skin is the largest organ on your body so treat it well.


Options and choice.

There a lot of options and you should choose start with products to have a basic routine and then add to it gradually.  For example, start out with an soap, a moisturizer and a toner. Then add to your basic routine to achieve more results. Acne? Anti-aging? Sensitive Skin?


How do you come up with new products?


Herb and Oils and plant natures' are studied and based on the effects of the skin and their benefits, we apply this knowledge to new products. This can take 3-6 months to implement and test and launch. Our products are based on ingredients that we have become familiar with and that have beneficial ranges of benefits.

Organic ingredients you say?

We try to use Organic ingredients as much as possible.Our goal is to keep this line of skin care products affordable, so sometimes the cost is prohibitive and not all ingredients are certified organic.However, every ingredient we use in our natural face, body, bath and beauty product is naturally derived and as pure as possible.These are some of our favorite ingredients:

Do you use all essential oils & fragrance oils?

We use as many essential oils as possible, but in some instances we do use pthlate free fragrance oils. Some of the oils we use are made right here in our shop, using natural products. We use several different US suppliers.

Can you suggest something?

That is a definite yes. We can make suggestions based on your needs. Contact us at redlipsstudio@mail.com


What if you have a product I love but I don't love the scent?

Tell us! We are proud to have a small batch skincare line that is consumer led, which means we take suggestions from you and also do bespoke products based on your needs. If you have feedback please email us.

Are your products certified?

No, we are not certified by any organic or beauty organization.  We are very small business and do not have the excess funds to spend on being certified. While we don't have these certifications we take pride and have spent much time on creating products that not only contain organic ingredients, but that abide by our city, state and federal laws as well as the cosmetic industry.

Would you be willing to make special batches?

We cannot accommodate everyone’s custom bath or beauty orders, unfortunately due to the amount of time it takes to test and create one product special order we wouldn’t be able to keep our prices affordable. We can do large custom orders of bath and beauty products with 20 or more of the same item and we also can do Wholesale with a Minimum. Please contact us at redlipstudio@mail.com

Those Quality control situations.

We hand craft your skincare in our Production Studio Kitchen. Since our growth, we have expanded our kitchen and made room for more products and testing. We used specialty store ingredients, sterilized tools and packaging. Every Batch is fresh and of utmost quality. We are human and since every batch is made fresh, there can be slight differences in batches or containers and sometimes the labels may be different or  (or oops, not exactly straight) but we ensure we send out quality. The goal is to provide good skincare to you!

Ah, those sensitivity issues.

It is our opinion that Skin sensitivity is often “misdiagnosed”. People assume they have sensitive skin because commercial products have caused them to have outbreaks or rashes. There are many chemicals in commercial products that are known skin irritants and the products sit on the shelf for months before being purchased and most often your skin isn’t sensitive—it’s just saying,"What the heck is this bad stuff on me?"  Many people are surprised when they try our natural skin and body products, and are worried about their sensitive skin, and find that they have no issues at all! That’s because your skin reacts differently to natural skincare products and often, you don't realize that the soap you may have using contained BHT's or pthlates. You will not believe the difference that you will find in your skin once you rid yourself of bad skincare products.  So unless you have a direct allergy to an ingredient you most likely won’t need to be concerned. Yes, there are people with sensitive skin and it may or may not be accompanied by a type of dermatitis such as eczema or psoriasis. In that case just avoid any intense exfoliation or astringent products that might strip your skin of its natural oils.  We do have fragrance free products.


What do you suggest to reduce signs of aging?

A good skincare program will help you with aging.Your skin loses elasticity as you age and you need more hydration, so it is good to hydrate and exfoliate. There are certain oils and products in our skincare line that will help with this. We can make suggestions for you but this is one skincare product that helps to reduce the signs of aging: Vanilla Caviar Lotion


Acne, you say?

A good skin care program for acne is using a basic skincare routine first. Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning and hydration. There are herbs and natural ingredients that are known to help with Acne. We have several products in our line that contain herbs and extracts that are renowned for helping Acne.

Frequently asked Questions


Do you REALLY make everything in a kitchen??

Yes, we do truly! We have a Studio Kitchen that houses all of our ingredients. We have a dedicated office where we conduct business and house jars, labels and shipping boxes and packing material.  We have grown substantially in 2 years since we opened, so we are always making changes and moving things around to accommodate our growing skincare collection.  It is all handmade in small batches, so that is why we say it takes 3 days to produce and get it out to you. We have exclusive blends and soaps.


How did you come up with all these recipes??

Courses, Studying, Research and trial and error.  Connie built this business from the ground up and each recipe has been made from ingredients that she likes and has studied the beneficial properties of. She has studied and read many reference books of herbs, botanicals, and even her knowledge of Cooking has helped her along the way.  She loves to grow many herbs, flowers and plants in her own garden that are used to be beneficial to skincare and cooking. Recipes are developed and/or modified to include homeopathic properties to help your skin be the best that it can be.


The Ingredients.

Some of our ingredients come from our pesticide free Garden. Other ingredients come from other businesses in the U.S. who offer a selection of bulk organic and vegan bath and body supplies.

Oops batches.

Because each recipe is created in small batches and our own trial and error, there have been some oops batches. If we mess up on something that doesn’t affect the consistency or quality (e.g. scent) we might sell the batch at a discounted price. Usually if the batch is a “reject” the consistency and quality aren’t there and we use it for ourselves or give to friends..


Awesome batches.

All batches are not just made one jar at a time. It can't be cost effective. Each batch is small but some batches are made several jars at a time because they are our best sellers and they do not stay around for long. Some of our best sellers are Artisan Soaps with exclusive designs,Body Butters.

Batch overstocks.

Sometimes, we have sales or events where we make extra batches and then we get left with overstocks. In this case we will sometimes put the items on sale or use them for tester jars. Shop our sale section for the finest overstocks!

Safety first.

Our products are handmade in small batches, and we take great care in following all industry safety standards.  We use sanitized work areas. We use standard health and safety practices such as wearing our hair back, wearing gloves when we are creating products, cleansing/wiping surfaces and tools after each use. Each product is tested prior to anything being sold on our shopping platforms.

*FDA Disclaimer we must include:

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please Note: The material on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

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